Building Better Homes Through Trusted Partnerships

Welcome to Advosy Home, where excellence in home services meets genuine care for our clients. Dive into our story, values, and the curated network of professionals that make us the trusted partner for all your home maintenance and improvement needs.

Excellence in

Home Services

We exist to be the leading force in an all-in-one solution while empowering property owners and those around us.

At Advosy Home, we are an all-in-one hub for home and property services, with a strong focus on roofing, HVAC, restorations, renovations, and solar solutions. In other areas, we build bridges with trusted professionals, maintaining a commitment to seamless, high-quality service.

We understand the importance of reliability and quality when it comes to your home. That's why we've carefully curated a network of top-tier service professionals, each rigorously evaluated to ensure they uphold our high standards of excellence.

Whether you're looking to protect your investment, enhance your home's comfort, or transition to renewable energy, Advosy Home stands ready to provide exceptional service. We're not just about maintaining your home – we're about enhancing your living experience. Trust Advosy Home for all your home service needs.

Better Together

The Birth of Advosy Home

The journey of Advosy Home commenced in 2021, ignited by the shared vision of Brett Ray and Wesley Hathcock, dynamic forces in their respective home service industries. They understood that they could become the leading force in an all-in-one home service solution by joining forces. Their mutual aspiration was to empower property owners and those around them, recognizing that growth is best achieved together.

Uniting a team of 12 like-minded home service company owners, they embarked on a mission to redefine the home services industry. These individuals, each excelling in their fields, chose collaboration over competition, sharing leads, merging marketing efforts, and supporting each other's business strategy. The result was a potent synergy of mutual growth and elevated customer service.

From this spirit of collaboration, Advosy Home was born. A network of trusted partners, united in their pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction, driven by the purpose of being the leading force in an all-in-one solution while empowering property owners. Today, Advosy Home stands as a testament to the power of unity, serving as a beacon of trust and reliability in the home services landscape.

Brett Ray, Wesley Hathcock, and the extended family of partners continue to drive the vision of Advosy Home - providing exceptional home services and helping partner companies flourish. We believe that our collective strength lies in our community, and it's this principle that continues to guide us as we strive to create a positive impact on every home we serve.

Guiding Principles

Values that Define Us

Passion for Excellence

Crafting excellence, one home at a time.

Our unyielding commitment to quality drives us to constantly pursue excellence. Our passion guides us to outperform expectations and redefine standards. For us, every detail matters and every home is a potential masterpiece.


Where promises meet performance.

We uphold our commitments, recognizing that our reputation rests on the promises we fulfill. We demonstrate accountability in action, striving for perfection and learning from every encounter. Your home is a symbol of our unwavering dedication and exemplary service.


From connection to collaboration, we conquer.

Cultivating a culture of clear, effective communication, we build trust and understanding, not just within our teams but also with our valued customers. Our strong communication approach ensures we meet every need, driving mutual success.


Turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

We are at the forefront of evolution, leveraging advanced technologies and creative solutions to improve our services. Our commitment to innovation allows us to offer exceptional, unique experiences in your home, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.


Infectious energy, vibrant spaces.

Fueled by a love for our work, we inject fun and energy into every project. Our team's zest is contagious and makes every task an adventure. This lighthearted spirit enlivens our work, resonating in the homes we service and creating spaces filled with warmth and spirited charm.

Join the

Advosy Home Network

Are you a home service provider passionate about delivering top-notch solutions? We invite you to join the Advosy Home Network - a carefully curated platform connecting leading industry professionals with homeowners in need of quality services.

By joining our network, you'll gain access to a broader client base, enhance your brand visibility, and become part of a community committed to industry excellence. Let's work together to create superior home experiences, one project at a time.

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